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    Based on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustics and artificial intelligence, it is powered by SoundAI Azero AI OS and microphone array module solution that combines hotels, apartments and home scenarios to create the smart guestroom, bring users the new immersive intelligent interaction and accommodation experience.
    Function & Service
    Smart Display
    Smart Display for hotel and apartment, audio and video interaction, provide exclusive capability such as room control, customer service, information inquiry and so on
    IoT Control
    Realize control of IoT equipment such as access control, air conditioner, bathroom, water heater, refrigerator, curtain, lighting, TV, alarm clock via voice interaction
    Intelligence service
    Enjoy food ordering, morning call, cleaning and other hotel service by convenient voice command, bring property service such as cell broadcasting, maintenance, parking space, express delivery and visitor management to house owners
    Personal Assistant
    Provide users with personalized and rich content service such as weather, transport, information query, entertaining, schedule management, food and shopping, etc., meet the diverse needs of different users
    Voice Keyword Spotting and ASR
    Vertical scenario far-field voice keyword spotting and ASR technology to realize hands-free interaction experience
    Sound Source Location
    360° Omni-direction sound source location with ±5° accuracy to realize 3-meter to 5-meter far-field human-machine dialogue
    Semantic Analysis
    Accurately analyze the intent of user, intelligently feedback the content and service
    Voiceprint Recognition
    Judge the identity of different voices, provide personalized service according to user habits and daily preferences
    Applicable Scenarios
    Hotel Reception Desk
    Smart Apartment
    Smart Community
    Based on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustics and artificial intelligence, it is powered by the SoundAI Azero AI OS. Based on the intelligent conference machine, it creates a smart connected conference system through a turnkey solution of software and hardware integration, realize audio and video fusion, provide users with comprehensive conference experience, thus greatly improving the conference efficiency for enterprises.
    Function & Service
    Smart Stenography
    Identify different speaker based on voiceprint recognition and transcribe voice to text in real time
    Real-Time Editing
    Correct and edit the mistaken input contents in real time, improve the accuracy
    Customized Model
    Optimize the ASR model according to the characteristics of the user's business
    Audio and Video Fusion
    Broadcast, transfer and share conference file in real time
    Smart Call Enhancement
    owerful microphone array and intelligent voice call noise reduction technology, including noise suppression/reverberation cancellation/vocal enhancement technology, enable far-field voice natural scenario meeting dialogue within 3-5 meters regardless of location in the conference room
    Voiceprint Recognition
    Identify the identity of different participants through voiceprint
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Meeting Room
    Smart Conference Platform
    Smart Projector
    Intelligent Stenography
    Based on the leading ASR, TTS, microphone array and multi-round dialogue technology of SoundAI, it provides data mining, user portraits, and the solutions of smart marketing and service quality inspection for the customers in multiple channels such as telephone, Web, APP, WeChat, small program, self-service terminal and so on, and helps the company to comprehensively improve the customer experience, create Omni-channel high-quality customer service capability, and achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement and industry precision marketing.
    Function & Service
    Smart Work Card/Smart Voice Recorder Device
    For the waiters of restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., it is equipped 2 microphones and 4 microphones to effectively record the conversation between the service staff and customer for business analysis, passenger flow analysis, speech and service quality inspection
    User Behavior Data Mining
    User behavior data mining and analysis
    Intelligent User Profiling
    All-round and multi-dimensional user profiling
    Smart Interaction
    Support context semantic understanding, semantic disambiguation, multi-round dialogue, greeting and other skills
    Service Specification
    Automatically filter illegal content by means of keyword, speech rate, mute and other quality inspection capability
    Quality Inspection Statistics
    Summarize the problems, provide classification and summary, violation trend analysis, etc
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Store Operation
    Smart work card, shopping guide service execution, consumer behavior insights
    Smart Agent Assistance
    Service quality inspection, service compliance inspection, smart recommendation, real-time voice interaction, real-time handling, real-time transmission
    Smart Marketing Analysis Platform
    Unified data analysis, user profiling, precision marketing, personalized service
    Based on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustics and artificial intelligence, oriented to the needs of home security, community security, urban security, etc., relying on AI technology such as ASR and voiceprint recognition, it provides comprehensive tracking security protection such as anomalous sound detection, automatic patrol and mobile tracking, to create the "all-intelligent, full-scenario" smart security solution to make work and life safer.
    Function & Service
    IoT control
    Control the door lock, lighting, power switch, etc. via voice interaction, real-time audio monitoring, remote alarm
    Strong Compatibility of Platform
    It is powered by Azero AI OS, and can adapt to mainstream cameras, achieve seamless connection with access control and alarm systems
    Real-Time Monitoring, Timely Warning
    Real-time monitoring and identification of special sound in the monitoring area, enable alarm in time
    Voiceprint Recognition
    Judge the identity of different voices, verify and identify the identity of the speaker
    Duplex Communication
    Provide HD duplex communication technology
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Camera
    Smart Monitoring Platform
    Safe City
    The intelligent travel solution independently developed by SoundAI relies on far-field voice interaction solutions of single microphone, 2-microphone, 4-microphone liner array, and distributed microphone array for vehicles, covers the entire scenario of the automobile life. It can solve various functions of navigation, call, entertainment, sociality, question and answer, etc. in the vertical scenario of the vehicle, and creates the people-oriented, intelligent and secure smart vehicle service and all-time, anywhere, and free integrated car experience.
    Function & Service
    Vehicle Microphone Array
    Optimize the microphone array design for vehicle scenarios, provide intelligent vehicle technologies such as noise suppression, automatic gain, and echo cancellation
    Vehicle Distributed Microphone Array
    The microphone array scheme such as voice interaction 4-sound zone and a voice interaction 6-sound zone with flexible spatial position
    Offline/Online Voice Recognition
    Provide online + offline combined ASR
    Far-Field Keyword Spotting
    Industry-leading far-field voice keyword spotting technology
    Shortcut Command Words
    Provide shortcut command word customization service according to the demand of customer
    Applicable Scenarios
    Integrated Motor System
    Vehicle-Mounted Ancillary
    Aftermarket Installed Products
    Based on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustics and artificial intelligence, it is powered by the SoundAI Azero AI operating system and microphone array module solution that deeply combines educational scenarios. It lands the AI education scenario in teaching, learning, management and other scenarios, and provides AI education technology and service such as distance education, teaching recording transcription, simply realize the smart education scenario and help the intelligent transformation of the education industry.
    Function & Service
    Multi-Microphone Array Noise Reduction Module
    Including a variety of microphone array schemes including ring 4-microphone, ring 6-microphone, linear 4-microphone, linear 6-microphone, etc., it is suitable for classrooms of different scales in distance education scenario
    Teaching ASR and Transcription
    Apply deep learning algorithm, provide excellent voice transfer, modal word filter detection and other AI education technical support, it can be used for recording the classroom teaching contents and displaying the titles of online teaching scenarios such as live lessons, small classes, interactive classes, etc
    Support ASR of Mainstream Dialects
    In order to better solve the accent problem in the classroom, it creatively optimizes the adaptive ability of ASR, which can recognize dialects including Cantonese and Sichuan dialect
    Keyword Recognition Optimization
    Relying on the speech algorithm model, it provides keyword recognition optimization ability such as teaching knowledge point keywords, teaching supervision keywords, content, etc., and can be used for online teaching, teaching quality monitoring and other AI education scenarios
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Teaching Integrated Machine
    Voice transcription and recording of teaching content, recording and broadcasting of subtitle in remote teaching
    Intelligent Pre-School Education Robot
    Voice interaction, video surveillance, English-Chinese translation, poetry songs, encyclopedia question and answer
    Smart Classroom, Interactive Teaching
    Echo cancellation, full-duplex communication noise reduction
    Distance Education
    Complete teaching online, intelligently adjust the learning content and path, and overcome the distance obstacles
    Relying on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustic technology and artificial intelligence, it provides dialogue understanding technology that combines semantic derivation and semantic matching, and combines smart interaction technology with application scenario to provide turnkey solution including intelligence service, data integration management, analysis and mining, create efficient, flexible and smart government service products with advanced technologies, products and solutions, and help the new era of smart government.
    Function & Service
    AI Service Robot
    Provide flexible and customizable AI robot hardware products, and promote the significant improvement of government management and government service
    AI Capacity Platform
    Based on the core technology advantages of Azero AI system, provide service such as voice wake-up, ASR, TTS, semantic understanding, etc., and support quick service and launch
    Customized Dialogue
    Mature and reliable dialogue understanding and dialogue management technology, introduce voice and knowledge building capability, provide full range of technologies and service for customizing the professional, controllable and stable dialogue system for the government work
    Strong Scalability
    High cross-platform compatibility, effectively adapt to multi-terminal platform access, and meet various scenarios
    Applicable Scenarios
    Intelligence Service
    Smart notes transcription, identity verification and online consultation in the fields of industry and commerce, taxation, civil affairs, and public security
    Smart Government Service
    AI service robot provides quality customer service at any time, brings new interactive experience and improves the efficiency of government service
    According to the application scenario needs of the financial industry, it provides software and hardware integrated smart fintech solution, combining intelligent interactive technology with big data, covers the entire chain of financial service, provides service such as data retrieval, correlation, analysis and comparison, as well as the intelligent judgement and statistical analysis of abundant data or events, promotes the intelligent upgrade of service and management modes of financial institutions such as banks, insurance, securities, etc., and improves the work efficiency and optimizes user experience.
    Function & Service
    Unmanned Bank
    Vertical scenario far-field speech wake-up, ASR and semantic technology, enable one-stop self-help business operation
    Smart Customer Service
    Smart voice assistant, provide assistant service
    Smart Outbound Call
    Intelligently recommend matching financial wealth management products based on user behavior trajectory
    Smart Interaction
    Smart voice interaction such as ATM machine, intelligent speaker with screen, AI robot, etc., improve service efficiency and quality
    Voiceprint Anti-Fraud
    Accurately identify the true identity of the speaker, provide one-stop voiceprint anti-fraud control service such as fraud identification, real-time alarm interception
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Customer Servicer
    Intelligence Service Robot
    Smart Security
    Smart Agent Assistant
    Based on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustics and artificial intelligence, it provides a deep understanding of the application needs of the energy and power industry. It focuses on artificial intelligence service that provide customized service in combination with application scenario. Relying on cutting-edge acoustic technology advantages and series of independent research and development products, it provides professional and intelligent solutions with real-time monitoring of production processes and business links, achieves new upgrades of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, resource integration, and intelligent integration.
    Function & Service
    Equipment Control
    Monitor the equipment and production links in real time through cutting-edge acoustic technology, timely handle the abnormal conditions
    Strong Compatibility
    Support a large number of energy equipment and energy protocols, and quickly access online management and control platform
    High Efficiency
    Quickly bind the device with the cloud, with short device installation and deployment period
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Power Operation and Maintenance
    realize online diagnosis, equipment failure prediction and life analysis of equipment by analyzing field equipment data with AI algorithm
    Smart Energy Efficiency Monitoring
    Support the energy efficiency monitoring application to quickly and stably call existing equipment data
    Smart Business Outlets
    Provide smart customer service, identity authentication, business handling and other service
    Smart Voice Customer Service
    Automatic answering, callback, etc., support interruption, provide common service
    Based on the technical advantages in acoustics and artificial intelligence, SoundAI connects medical service organizations, pharmaceutical R&D and circulation, health care, etc., and provides software and hardware solutions for medical fields. It supports smart voice interaction life information, encyclopedia question and answer, clinic booking and case enquiries, and is capable of realizing health management, health warning, disease analysis, etc., helping the intelligent upgrade of medical industry and creating the smart and healthy life.
    Function & Service
    Full-Process Smart Medical Service
    Guide patient to seek medical treatment in outpatient + medical whole process, conveniently and accurately respond to patients' medical needs
    Cross-Platform Interoperability
    Support multi-platform use such as PC and mobile terminal, and cross-platform data synchronization
    Smart Hospital Management
    Mobile ward round, ward management, browse, query, collect and transmit medical record and other relevant information anytime and anywhere
    Customized Microphone Array
    Microphone array designed for vertical scenario features high directivity and high noise immunity, and can be used with a variety of desktop application
    Exclusive Acoustic Technology
    Noise suppression and other technologies optimized for vertical scenarios, enhance the intelligent interactive experience
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Triage Platform
    Intelligently guide patient to seek medical treatment
    Smart Voice Entry
    Professional entry for medical scenarios, combine the voice habit in the medical service process, ensure the doctor to record the diagnosis information via voice
    Smart Medical Platform
    Mobile ward round, enable doctor to realize the information of patient in the ward
    Electronic Medical Record System
    The smart system for the collection of medical history, medical record entry, medical record control, etc., establishes the cloud system through the software and hardware integrated voice input
    Based on the technical advantages in acoustics and artificial intelligence, the virtual anchor solution independently developed by SoundAI provides many artificial intelligence technologies such as ASR, semantic understanding and TTS, and realizes automatic news broadcast and interactive interviews, giving the characters with lifelike sound image, and provides turnkey entertainment interactive solutions for video, live broadcast and other scenarios through special effect content and intelligence service.
    Function & Service
    Virtual Amchor
    Support 2D/3D virtual image, customize real person or 3D image, support half-length and full-length image
    Voice Customization
    Leading TTS technology in the industry, support personalized customization such as language, tone, and speech rate
    AI System:
    Support fast output of audio and video, meet the content production in various scenarios
    Exclusive Acoustic Technology
    Leading core technologies such as voice wake-up, ASR, and TTS, help to create exclusive AI virtual image
    Voice Data Processing and Analysis
    Real-time interaction of audio and video
    Highly-Efficient Solution
    Create highly efficient and cost-effective solution through the application of different schemes
    Applicable Scenarios
    Virtual Anchor
    IP dimensional packaging or virtual image creation, it can be used for film and television program production, webcast, concerts, etc
    Short Video
    Provide a variety of voice special effects, help produce contents of quality special effect video
    Live Broadcast
    Provide diversified special effects, voice interactions, etc., suitable for live scenarios such as cosmetology, shopping, game, travel, etc
    Real-Time Call
    Provide funny methods such as virtual image interaction for one-on-one video sociality or multi-person video call scenarios
    The AI assistant solution independently developed by SoundAI is based on the technical advantages of acoustics and artificial intelligence, and realizes the intelligent content production of real-time driving virtual image expression and action with voice. It can provide service such as Web editing tools, SDK component packages, cloud analysis, TTS and personalized customization, and provide interactive and cost-effective solutions for virtual IP upgrades, enabling creators to experience more natural, convenient, and efficient content creation.
    Function & Service
    Real-Time Interaction of Virtual Image
    Support real-time voice interaction and driving of virtual image, and easily upgrade voice assistant to visual AI virtual assistant
    Combination of Multiple Modules
    The design of the solution is flexible and diverse, and it is perfectly compatible with the original system, minimizing the development workload of customer
    Cartoon/Real Person Style Customization
    Provide image customized design reference, including cartoon, real person style and other images
    Exclusive Acoustic Technology
    Leading core technologies such as voice wake-up, ASR, and TTS, help to create exclusive AI virtual image
    Highly-Efficient Solution
    Create highly efficient and cost-effective solution through the application of different schemes
    Support TTS a variety of tone customization to develop the exclusive image for customer
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Device
    Upgrade Voice Assistant into AI Virtual Assistant to enhance the fun of interactive experience
    Children Companion Equipment
    Communicate with children through cute cartoon images, and transmit knowledge in an interactive way
    Screen Interactive Device
    Display the expression and action of virtual assistant in big screen, provide AI virtual assistant for medical insurance and other fields
    Vehicle Scenario Assistant
    Display AI virtual image through smart screen such as central control screen and rearview mirror to enhance the voice interaction experience in the car
    Based on the technical advantages of SoundAI in acoustics and artificial intelligence, it provides private voice platform solution which brings customers with a variety of voice service in a private deployment manner, including all-round artificial intelligence capability of ASR, TTS, semantic understanding, voice print recognition. Through convenient and quick service deployment, it provides user with artificial intelligence applications such as ASR and TTS.
    Function & Service
    Speech to Text
    Realize conversion of speech to text with accurate and fast content, high recognition rate, saving manual input time
    Voice Quality Inspection
    Intelligently detect user input and check out non-compliant content
    Voiceprint Recognition
    Support voiceprint recognition related and non-related with text
    Clear and natural text-to-speech, and the sound effect equals to the human voice
    Applicable Scenarios
    Conference Record
    Customer Service Center
    Smart Voice Robot
    Intelligent Response
    Based on the technology in acoustics and artificial intelligence, SoundAI provides overseas voice solutions represented by Alexa. The front-end acoustic algorithm with independent intellectual property rights has been certified by Alexa Advanced Algorithm, and the noise suppression effect is leading in the world. With rich industry experience and perfect project docking process, SoundAI has helped many products to complete Alexa product certification, which can help customer successfully solve the technical threshold of overseas sales and expand the overseas market space.
    Function & Service
    Hardware Acoustic Detection
    Ensure that hardware meets acoustic requirement with rich industry experience
    Alexa Product Certification Support
    Realize Alexa docking with mature solution, support customer product to complete Amazon product certification testing
    Alexa Advanced Algorithm Certification
    Industry-leading acoustic technology, certified by Alexa Advanced Algorithm
    Applicable Scenarios
    Smart Speaker
    Smart Home
    Smart TV
    Smart Vehicle Devices